A revolutionary thinker, who understood and imbibed the Vedic proclamation that any household which did not practice the Vedic concepts was equivalent to a cemetery, decided to flood the society with Vedic knowledge. In the same way that the RigVeda postulates that “मिमीहि श्लोकमास्ये पर्जन्य इव तत्तन,”, the society was inundated with a deluge of Vedic mantras. Acharya MR Rajesh established an organization called Kasyapa Veda Research Foundation.

KVRF is a family which twilights the hidden talents and true spirituality in a human being by conducting Vedic classes to all irrespective of age or gender. It also promote healthy living by adopting vegetarianism, conduct camps for students for understanding the true meaning and relevance of Brahmacharya(Celibacy), Shodashakriya seminars, Anna Dhanam (Giving food to needy), publishing invaluable collection of vedic literature in digitalized form and in hardcopy mode wit more than 100 titles in Malayalam, Tamil and English.


Veda says that ‘Achara heeno na punanthi veda’- means that there is no use studying Veda without following the acharana (Vedic Practices) and a person who does not follow the acharanas is not fit for anything. The performance of Pancha Maha Yajnas is conducive to the spiritual growth of man. For attaining inner purification and to realize God in our selves, every householder should perform the Pancha Maha Yajnas daily. This would also wipe out the sins unintentionally committed by a Grihastha while doing his daily household works.

Besides all, the performance of Pancha Maha Yajnas helps the householder to discharge his debts to Devas, his ancestors and all living beings.

  • SANDHYA VANDANAM OR BRAHMA YAJNAM: This is meant for obtaining divine blessings and upliftment of the soul.
  • AGNIHOTHRA OR DEVA YAJNA: This is meant for appeasing the Devathas. Medicinal herbs and seeds (odoriferous, nutritive, sweet, curative, and similar other substances) with Ghee (clarified butter) are burnt in the Agnihothra.
  • PITRU YAJNA: The ministering to the comfort of the elders, the wise and the learned, as well as serving the same individuals with love and faith.
  • BALIVAISHVA YAJNA: The ministering to the comfort of the elders, the wise and the learned, as well as serving the same individuals with love and faith.



Vedic seminars known as “Sat Sanga” are conducted monthly by each SAT SANGA SAMITHI to spread the Vedic Dharma in the society. The Vedic Dharma is dominated by five principles viz. family life, repayment of the three debts, the system of classes (varna) and that of stages of life (ashrams) and the four pursuits (purusharthas) of life. Sat Sanga is a spiritual gathering in which Agnihothra, discourses on Vedic dharma, recital of Veda Mantra and its divine meaning and Bhajans are conducted. The atmosphere thus created leaves the effect on all those who attended these spiritual assemblies with devotion.


A gurukula needs to be founded in a calm and quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. Such a gurukula should be the breeding ground for developing brahmacharis (Those who accepts vows for the study of the Vedas) and preachers / propagators of the Vedas. There, all the four Vedas, Six Angas and the Six Darshanas should be taught. That is what I need to achieve foremost. If this is the wish of the divine mother, then for sure it will be done. The Acharya is confident of the same.

To imbibe the perception of Charity to all, KVRF itself is taking a lead role. Every year KVRF give books, uniforms and scholarships to student from around 1000 poor families who excel in their studies. During the festival like Onam and Vishu KVRF give food items to the needy and poor. During monsoon, people living in the coastal areas are also given food items. Medicines are supplied by KVRF to other organizations who work for welfare of the tribals. KVRF is now sponsoring the education of many poor children.