Mahashay Dharampal MDH Veda Research Foundation

The great Rishis of ancient India had considered Vedas as the first source of knowledge. However,even in the modern times,sufficient opportunities are not available for everyone to learn Vedas. It is in this context, that Mahasay Dharampal MDH Veda Research Foundation headed by Acharyasri Rajesh with the noble objective of interweaving modern life with the ancient Indian Gurukula culture, is all set to be dedicated to the world. Acharyasri has undertaken a new venture of molding Acharyas, capable of teaching the entire philosophical aspects of Hindu Dharma. Mahasay Dharampal MDH Veda Research Foundation primarily aims at producing eminent and scholarly Acharyas having profound knowledge in Social Sciences and different languages apart from Vedas and Vedantha.

The inaugural functions of Mahasay Dharampal MDH Veda Research Foundation is going to be held on April 1,2, and 3 . The formal inaugural function to be held on Sunday, the 2nd April will be presided over by Sri. M.K. Raghavan. M.P, Kozhikode,.and Mahasay Dharampalji and Acharyasri Rajesh will together inaugurate this historic venture. Manu Mahamandiram will be inaugurated by Sri. A.K.Saseendran, the Hon.’ Minister for Transport, Kerala Govt. Eminent scholars, spiritual preachers, revered Sanyasis, and renowned cultural leaders would deliver discourses on various subjects. The Vidya Bhushan awards, award for the Young Sanathana Dharma activist, and The Veda Samrakshana Puraskaram- all these awards for this year would be presented to the winners in this occasion. It is also proposed to honor eminent personalities.’ Veda goshty’ and Veda Ghosham in different traditional styles, rare yajnas and Agnihothra by 3000 people, irrespective of caste or gender, are also prime attractions of the programmes. We cordially invite you to The Mahasay Dharampal MDH Veda Research Foundation at Ottathengu, Kakkodi, to be a part of this historic event and the heavenly spiritual experience.